Your #1 stop for urban living in the city of Atlanta! At Intown Builders, LLC, we specialize in new construction and renovations in Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods.



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1053 Washita Avenue Renovation 1053 Washita Avenue Atlanta, GA
671 Gresham Ave Renovation 671 Gresham Ave Atlanta, GA
213 Driftwood Terrace Renovation 213 Driftwood Terrace, Decatur, GA 30030
1638 Alder Court Construction-Avail 1638 Alder Court Atlanta, GA
676 Mercer Street For Sale 676 Mercer Street SE Atlanta, GA
678 Mercer Street For Sale 678 Mercer Street SE Atlanta, GA
670 Willoughby Way NE For Sale 670 Willoughby Way NE Atlanta, GA
1081 Sanders Ave SE For Sale 1081 Sanders Ave SE Atlanta, GA
94 Hogue Street For Sale 94 Hogue Street, Atlanta, GA
66 Airline Street Planning 66 Airline St Atlanta, GA
672 Mercer Street Planning 672 Mercer Street SE Atlanta, GA
674 Mercer Street Planning 674 Mercer Street SE Atlanta, GA
109 Hogue Street Planning 109 Hogue Street Atlanta GA
22 Montgomery St SE Planning 22 Montgomery St SE Atlanta, GA
543 Winton Terrace NE Planning 543 Winton Terrace NE Atlanta, GA
820 Fulton Terrace SE Planning 820 Fulton Terrace SE Atlanta, GA
377 Ashley Avenue Planning 377 Ashley Avenue, Atlanta, GA
721 Ralph McGill Planning 721 Ralph McGill Boulevard, Atlanta, GA
619 Auburn Ave Sold 619 Auburn Ave NE Atlanta, GA
878 Mercer Street Sold 878 Mercer Street SE Atlanta, GA
619 Fortune Place Sold 619 Fortune Place Atlanta, ga
393 Georgia Avenue Sold 393 Georgia Avenue Atlanta, GA
20 Howell Street Sold 20 Howell Street Atlanta, GA
144 Howell Street Sold 144 Howell Street Atlanta, GA
33 Howell Street Sold 33 Howell Street Atlanta, GA
505 Irwin Street Sold 505 Irwin Street Atlanta, GA
82 Walthall Street Sold 82 Walthall Street Atlanta, GA
100 Bradley Street Sold 100 Bradley Street Atlanta, GA
615 Auburn Avenue Sold 615 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, GA
105 Hogue Street Sold 105 Hogue Street Atlanta, GA
874 Mercer Street Sold 874 Mercer Street SE Atlanta, GA
623 Fortune Place Sold 623 Fortune Place, Atlanta, GA
2691 Pharr Road Sold 2691 Pharr Road Atlanta, GA